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Post-2015 – Why another approach is needed – Development Dialogue paper no.2

Development dialogue paper no.2 | September 2013
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Post-2015 – why another approach is needed | by Jan Vandemoortele

- Will the new development agenda make a real difference? No, not necessarily writes Jan Vandemoortele. Only strong leadership on the part of the UN Secretariat can prevent an overloaded and fuzzy development agenda. More consultations and intergovernmental negotiations alone will not make it.

- Dag Hammarskjöld put forward two concepts of the United Nations as an organisation: as ‘static conference machinery’ or as a ‘dynamic instrument for an organised world community’. So far, the post-2015 strategy has focused on the former. Many are now expecting signals that leadership is on the way.
It is late, yet not too late.

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Jan Vandemoortele is one of the main architects of the MDGs and former Director of the Poverty group at UNDP. Jan Vandemoortele has served in various capacities with the United Nations for 30 years (UNDP, UNICEF and ILO), both at headquarters and in the field.  He holds a Ph.D. in Development Economics and, after retiring from the UN, he now works as an independent researcher, writer and lecturer. Jan Vandemoortele has been an advisor to the UN Task Team on the Post 2015-process.

Development dialogue paper series is published by the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation and aim to provide analysis and practical recommendations on important development issues.

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